Fresh air is essential to your health and comfort.  Unfortunately, weather conditions in Biddeford, ME and surrounding areas don’t often allow for open windows.  Even then, you’re welcoming in exhaust fumes, bugs, pollen, noise pollution, and creating a security risk.  So how do you bring in fresh air, all year long, without energy waste? Contact the professionals from Superior Energy Solutions, and we’ll optimize air quality with none of the drawbacks.  In fact, a whole-home ventilation system actually reduces the workload of the HVAC system and trims annual costs.

Expert Ventilation Services

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Superior Energy Solutions specializes in heat recovery ventilation systems, handling design/installation and retrofit.  We further offer kitchen hoods, exhausts, and makeup air systems. Through personalized services, we find the best solution to meet your concerns and goals, and deliver sustainable results.  With over thirty years of experience, we understand the importance of both a tightly sealed home and sufficient ventilation. Contact Superior Energy Solutions at 207-295-0672 and we’ll help you breathe easier, improve comfort, and protect the health of your home with ventilation services throughout Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough, Kennebunk, Gorham, Yarmouth, Falmouth, Freeport and Windham, ME.

Some of the benefits of proper ventilation include:

  • Air Quality – A properly designed ventilation system expels bacteria, moisture, particulate, and unpleasant odors for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.
  • Control – You have control over the airflow in your home, ensuring a fresh indoor environment without energy waste or unnecessarily high monthly bills.
  • Combat Condensation – Ventilation helps avoid damp conditions which lead to mold, bacteria, higher dust mite population, and the resulting health concerns.
  • Comfort – Ventilation prevents stale, stuffy air, and defends against excess humidity in summer and overly dry winter air.
  • Healthier Home – Very often, headaches, allergy symptoms, asthma, sore throat, and a long list of health issues can be blamed on a lack of sufficient ventilation.
  • Cost Savings – A heat recovery ventilator uses outgoing stale air to preheat incoming air, reducing the workload of the heating system and trimming energy usage.