Annual Heating System Tune-up for OIL & GAS burning appliances

Just like changing the oil in your car, your oil heating system should be tuned up annually. This is good for you and the environment. It helps reduce the amount of fuel you use, which will reduce your energy bills.

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Lowers the risks of costly unexpected service calls
  • Increases efficiency which will save fuel and money
  • Prolongs the life of your oil or gas heating system

For oil burning appliances the typical tune-up includes:

  • Check and test all oil burner controls and safety controls
  • Replace the oil filter and strainer
  • Replace the nozzle and clean the draw assembly
  • Check and adjust the ignition system
  • Vacuum the heat exchanger and the smoke pipe
  • Test fire the oil burner
  • Conduct an efficiency test to ensure the unit is burning as efficiently as possible

For gas-burning appliances, the typical tune-up includes:

  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Check ignitor and flame sensor
  • Clean drains and make sure they are clear and draining properly
  • Check venting
  • Check control circuit and make sure thermostat is operational
  • Check incoming gas pressure
  • Check manifold gas pressure
  • Perform an efficiency test to ensure the unit is most efficient