Oil Heating Systems are an exceptionally safe and efficient means of temperature control in Biddeford, ME and surrounding areas.  Superior Energy Solutions provides expert new installation, upgrades, annual maintenance, and repair, ensuring peak and reliable performance.  Whether you’re considering an oil heating system, have concerns with your heater, or for any questions, simply contact us at 207-295-0672.  Our factory trained, experienced and regularly updated technicians are here to help. Schedule a convenient appointment, and we’ll devote our knowledge and resources to determining the best solution to meet your goals.

Dependable Oil Heating System Installations

Superior Energy Solutions handles complete installation projects quickly and seamlessly.  Through custom design, proactive planning and top quality equipment, we deliver unmatched return from your investment.  We highly recommended caring for your oil heating system with a comprehensive maintenance plan. Regular tune-ups allow us to pinpoint potential concerns, combat malfunction, extend service life, trim running costs, and protect your comfort.  For any problems, we remain available, 24/7, providing prompt and expert service throughout Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough, Kennebunk, Gorham, Yarmouth, Falmouth, Freeport and Windham, ME.

Learn more about modern oil heating system services!

Thinking of upgrading your equipment?  Modern oil heating systems often pay for themselves through significant savings every month.  Superior Energy Solutions provides accurate diagnosis and honest answers. With thorough inspection of all components of your heating unit, including the oil tank and delivery system, we save you time, money, and aggravation.  Very often, deterioration of the tank happens from the inside out, concealing damage until you’re faced with a sudden spill. Unprotected supply lines can break and leak for years without detection. Let us protect against needless threats to the environment and your budget with our TankSure Program.

Some of the many benefits of Oil Heat include:

  • Safety – Non-explosive fuel oil only ignites by an advanced system with an oil-burner or furnace, eliminating the safety concerns of other fuel types.
  • Energy Efficient – With efficiency ratings between 85 and 95%, modern oil heat systems provide 85-95 cents worth of heat for every energy dollar.
  • Value – Studies performed by the Department of Ecology show that oil heats 16% more efficiently than natural gas.
  • Comfort – Because an oil heat flame burns 300 degrees hotter than natural gas, you’ll benefit from quicker heating.
  • Longevity – With proper maintenance, the average oil furnace lasts approximately 30 years.
  • Proven – With over 28 million Americans trusting their comfort to oil heating, there’s little doubt of the many rewards.